From the Middlesex Times-Dispatch August 13, 1999
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by Samantha Rosenthal


Dr.Kenneth Monnitoff
Photo: Karen Pomeroy Monnitoff

A physics teacher from the prestigious Middlesex Ridge School was killed yesterday evening in a hit and run accident. Dr. Kenneth Monnitoff, 41, was driving his Volvo station wagon down Old Gun Road when he was side-swiped and driven off the road by an oncoming driver, colliding with a tree.

Authorities have been unable to locate the assailant, who eye-witnesses report was driving a black sedan.
Monnitoff, a beloved figure in the community, graduated from MIT in 1980. After a brief career working for NASA in their Norfolk facility, he began to work with the CIA in Washington.
In the late eighties he left his government job and began his teaching career.

He is survived by his wife, Karen Pomeroy Monnitoff, an English professor at UVA, and their two children, Alice (7) and Mary (4).

Funeral services are expected to be announced shortly.