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The Lost Experience was a multi media marketing alternate reality game developed by Channel 4 to support Season Two of LOST.

The marketing campaign was designed to unite LOST fans from around the world in an alternative reality game developed as a spin-off from the TV programme. Working closely with the writers behind LOST, the Lost Experience revealed the ‘back-story’ of the Hanso Foundation, the shadowy organisation behind the fictitious Dharma Initiative which sits at the heart of the TV series. A detailed combination of TV adverts, fake websites, call-centres, blogs, chocolate bars, video and flash mobs were co-ordinated to enable users to follow the story of Rachel Blake, an ex-employee of the Hanso Foundation trying to uncover the truth behind the company’s sinister activities. In the UK alone over 30,000 unique users regularly interacted with the alternate reality game.

The Hanso Foundation
Apollo Candy
DJ Dan